New Book

Lartigue en Hiver

Lots of book stuff lately.
Anyway, today at lunch, I went to the Shimada Yosho Foreign Book Sale that I mentioned and picked up Lartigue en Hiver.
My friend Ed Pollack first introduced me to Lartigue’s work about ten years ago, when he showed me a copy of Lartigue’s “The Family Album”, which was done in the style of a turn of the century family album. It struck me as a strange work at the time – the photos were tipped in, much the way you might paste photos into an album yourself. I didn’t realize it at the time, but these turn of the century images, many of which are quite famous now, were all but unknown until the book’s publication in 1966.
As a teenager, Lartigue took candid photos of his family, their friends and the things that they did and saw.
His photos of auto races, like the one below, are pretty much unparalleled in their depiction of the speed and excitement of the race.
Car Trip, Papa at 80 kilometers an hour – 1913
His society pictures are remarkable:
Avenue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris – 1911

A short biography of Lartigue from appears below:

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Strange Day

Today was a sort of odd non-day. Work was the same as usual, spent programming a web app in perl and poking at the web, checking the five or six sites that I usually check until lunch time rolls around.
Today’s lunch, I went out on my bike with my camera and my new 20mm wide-angle lens, hoping to find something to shoot. First I headed to Omotesando and saw nothing.
Then I rode down to Harajuku, which seemed like a good bet, but none of the freaky teenagers were out, except for a couple of desperate posers in front of the Gap and I wasn’t quite desperate myself to bother taking their picture.

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