Strange Day

Today was a sort of odd non-day. Work was the same as usual, spent programming a web app in perl and poking at the web, checking the five or six sites that I usually check until lunch time rolls around.
Today’s lunch, I went out on my bike with my camera and my new 20mm wide-angle lens, hoping to find something to shoot. First I headed to Omotesando and saw nothing.
Then I rode down to Harajuku, which seemed like a good bet, but none of the freaky teenagers were out, except for a couple of desperate posers in front of the Gap and I wasn’t quite desperate myself to bother taking their picture.

Next over to tried-and-true Shibuya to maybe take some crowd shots, since the sun was getting lower and more golden. Nothing. Nada. Nanimo.
I even switched from the 20mm to a 300, to try to catch people walking through a particularly nice patch of sun a ways off, but that defeated the purpose; I wanted to practice with the 20. The 20 is a difficult lens, especially here in tokyo where there always seems to be a pole or electrical line in the middle of your scene. The 20 gets them *all*.
The upside is that it gets a very wide, natural-looking view of what’s in front of the camera, even from very close in. No good for portraits, though. Unlike a telephoto, you get none of the flattering distortion. People tend to look a bit odd, ie, realistic.
After getting a couple of really boring pictures in Shibuya, with my lunchbreak almost over, I headed back towards the office and stopped in kita aoyama at this strange bookstore behind the United Nations building to look for a book called “Me no mae no tsuzuki” (That which passes before my eye) which is a simply amazing photo book. I’ve had 3 copies, each of which I’ve given away to friends. Can’t seem to find another copy though. Damn.
By that time, I was due back at my desk and still hadn’t eaten, so I swung by the Z-One convenience store and bought a couple of sandwiches which I stuffed into the pockets of my jacket, so it wouldn’t be quite so obvious that I was going to again eat at my desk during work, after taking a bit of a long lunch.
Funny thing – the work was the high point of my day. I seemed to be writing pretty well-thought-out code, even though some of it was re-writes of stuff that I would probably generally leave alone, since it worked. Who knows why that happens?
Dinner was at “Specialities Chinoises AOI” with Yuka. That place always vaguely annoys me, I’ve come to realize, though I don’t know why. The rice porridge is damn good though.
Oh, well…