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Chill factor

Summertime and the drinking should be easy. Ned Goodwin tells you what to sip when the heat soars.

Tokyo is fun and intriguing, but by no stretch of the imagination is it beautiful. The city’s lack of deft aesthetic and greenery, its swarming artifice, is exacerbated by the brutal humidity during the summer months. The only one true respite: to drink lustily.
What to do when naked in front of the air conditioner and in need of something to slake the thirst and perspiration? Often a bottle of wine is daunting before dinner and too much when alone. In such cases I reach for a swathe of unusual aperitifs. Interestingly enough, these are usually from countries of a sort of louche repute; renowned for the “good life,” or in other words, lands boasting an elevated insouciance bristling with abandon of the everyday. In essence, a good aperitif should be the ultimate mood-elevator to launch you far from the mundane.

Good Day Cafe

Just a plug for the Good Day Cafe in Omotesando/ Harajuku, where I’m having lunch now.
They have a nice patio, good, cheap food and drinks, Belgian beer and best of all, Free Wireless Net Access.
To get there, go down Omotesando Dori from Omotesando, until you pass Paul Stuart and it’s about 10 meters from the corner.
The access point is called “Good Day Cafe”…

Bear Attacks Submarine

Sheesh – Americans aren’t welcome *anywhere* any more…

Bear Attacks Sub

Bear Attacks Sub

During the ICEX 2003 naval exercises near the North Pole, the American submarine Connecticut (SSN 22) poked it’s sail and rudder through the ice. When an officer looked around outside via the periscope, he noted that his sub was being stalked by a hostile polar bear. The periscope cam was turned on, and these photos of a polar bear chewing on the subs rear rudder resulted. The damage was said to be minor. The SSN 22 is a Seawolf class boat, one of the navy’s newest submarines. It wasn’t designed as a polar bear snack, but that’s how life is sometimes.

All these tokyo blogs

There are a lot of Tokyo bloggers around…
I got my iBook back today and started re-setting up all of the software that I like.
Mozilla was first, then the X Window server, all of the updates to OSX, VideoLan Client…
One new one that I got was NetNewsWire, a news aggregator that takes all of those XML/RDF/RSS feeds that these blogs all have and lets you browse them kind of like reading Usenet or something.
So I started digging around the links on my BlogRoll, looking for the “Syndicate This Site” links and found that they are often quite hard to find.
That, coupled with the fact that everybody else’s blogroll seems to have a few I’ve missed, I found quickly that having a good set for NNW is going to be a lot of work…

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Good Wine

Saturday, we had a case of wine delivered, a split-case, actually, half and half of Domaine des Espiers 2001 Cotes du Rhone and a really fun Domaine Sorin ‘Les Terres Rouge’ 2000.
The Terres Rouge is a new one to me, but it’s good. I kind of prefer it to the Cotes du Rhone.
The Merlot that we were enjoying so much this winter is now vinegar, but it sure was good while it lasted . We practically raced through the three cases I bought, keeping it flowing at every party, which was perfect…
Ned‘s recommendations, of course.
Thanks, Ned – Good stuff!

A great picture

Yuka too this picture last Sunday in Shinjuku. It’s one that I wish I had taken.
We were watching those really strange dancers that often perform over there – you’ve probably seen them, with the white faces and odd, sort of Tibetan-ish music that they slowly and intensely dance to. Their faces are so striking, their poses so dramatic, that that’s all that I had ever thought of pointing my camera to.
Yuka, on the other hand, always manages to find a unique perspective.
Arrgh. I have so much to learn from her…