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Jason van Herik stopped by to say hi today – he’s a landscape architect who’s doing the garden designs for a new restaurant we’re opening. We started talking about websites and I recommended that he start a weblog – he’d be perfect for it.
I jokingly asked if he had any recommendations for our narrow, near-useless balcony. Surprisingly, he had *lots* of ideas…
(Image updated to not be so freaking huge…)
Even though our view is all trees, he recommended breaking it up a bit with a bamboo fence and some plants to create more interest.

It’s always a pleasure to talk to someone who gets excited about what they do.
Go visit his Site – I told him I’d send some people his way.

Fixing a paper lamp

I had a little Noguchi paper lamp that had gotten torn a while back, so I decided to fix it…
I very carefully sewed the torn paper back together, then painted over the repair with starch.
Came out nicely:
I used to do this kind of stuff a lot more. I miss it. Maybe I should have a “no pc” night every week…