There’s a certain feeling when you come back from a day trip during the summer in Tokyo — You’ve been out in the sun all day, you’ve sweated, maybe swum, eaten too much and you’re sleepy from the sun and the tall glass bottles of Sapporo. You’re shoulders hurt from carrying a pack all day and the green flourescent glare of Tokyo station or Shinjuku station at 11:30pm makes you realize that wherever you were, you’r now back, nine or so hours away from sitting at your desk again, thanking friends by email, posting pictures to your site and waiting desperately for the next few days to pass so you can do it all again. But of course, you still have that long walk from the station to your apartment, which is now quite stuffy after a day of closed windows. The stairs up each feel like three and you don’t even bother to take Fridays mail from the box. As you kick off your sneakers or hiking boots at the doorway and say your “Otsukaresamadeshitas”, you realize that this feeling has somehow become a part of your life…
Scenes from our day in Chinatown, Yokohama:
(The first two are Yuka’s, of a brother and sister sharing a coconut. Very sweet.)