Spam Blog

Update: The spam Blog is Offline.
I made a spam blog today.
It uses Daiji Hirata‘s moblogging application and a unix ‘dot-forward’ to take mail that was delivered directly to the web server, rather than to the proper MX host and display it in all of its humiliating glory on my Spam Blog.
Sure, it’s probably a security risk, but more for you than for me, if you’re a Windows user.

Now the interesting part is that if you send a message to info@…, it won’t show up on the blog. That’s because I’ve told the DNS server that the mail server for the domain is somewhere else. A well-behaved mail program will first look up the proper mail host, whereas a spambot will just check for a running mail program on the web server, which, for this experiment, I will happily provide.
(It is a pretty secure mail server, I’ve tested for open relays.)

Spambots, please send crap to: !
Update: The spam Blog is Offline. I may do something else with it some time, but for now, I don’t want to do anything to promote the products offered by the spammers…