Bayview Perl Training

I had a nice chat today with Bill and Holly Ward from Bill’s been giving PERL training classes and have just started a translation service for translating software and documentation to and from Japanese, so I thought I’d give them a plug. Though he’s a PERL guru, he has none of the arrogance and impatience that you often associate with such people. For years, he’s answered my stupid unix questions (Me: “If you ‘rm -Rf’ something, how do you get it back?” Bill: “Easy – restore from tape…” ) and helped me with the occasional PERL problem.
I also encouraged him to set up a blog, though he’s a bit hesitant. Personally, I hope he does, because blogs are so easy to add pictures to and he’s an excellent photographer.
Bill, check out Movable Type – after all, it’s written in perl!

Living in the future is neat

holiday-main.jpgJoshua Ellis made a comment on Joi Ito’s blog:

My God, Joi, this is incredible. I’m sitting in my living room in Las Vegas as the sun comes up, watching you playing with your Mac in (apparently) bed, wearing a CRYPTORIGHT t-shirt.

Living in the future is neat, as my friend Frank says.

(Joi had set up a streaming video server that took a live feed from his laptop and rebroadcast it to whoever wanted to see.)

It *is* neat.
I had the same feeling as Joshua, so I decided to set one up for myself. I downloaded Quicktime Broadcaster to my laptop and Darwin Streaming Server to this server and just a very little bit of poking around, I was sending streams to Victor in the Canary Islands, Boris in Canada and a couple others from parts unknown.
All of this with consumer-grade equipment and a $30/month internet connection.
Simply amazing.