Living in the future is neat

holiday-main.jpgJoshua Ellis made a comment on Joi Ito’s blog:

My God, Joi, this is incredible. I’m sitting in my living room in Las Vegas as the sun comes up, watching you playing with your Mac in (apparently) bed, wearing a CRYPTORIGHT t-shirt.

Living in the future is neat, as my friend Frank says.

(Joi had set up a streaming video server that took a live feed from his laptop and rebroadcast it to whoever wanted to see.)

It *is* neat.
I had the same feeling as Joshua, so I decided to set one up for myself. I downloaded Quicktime Broadcaster to my laptop and Darwin Streaming Server to this server and just a very little bit of poking around, I was sending streams to Victor in the Canary Islands, Boris in Canada and a couple others from parts unknown.
All of this with consumer-grade equipment and a $30/month internet connection.
Simply amazing.

4 thoughts on “Living in the future is neat”

  1. I did this long ago with logitech quickcam’s and it was ok over a modem but what is the main appeal these days? Is it just the smoothness of the video or what?

  2. I think that it’s just gotten easier to do better quality.
    A tweak of the software and you could be serving up broadcast-quality video (or better) from anywhere, which is quite a neat thing – Would someone like Drudge need a television network in 3 or 4 years? Probably not.

    (By the way, I had the same feeling as this with my old black and white parallel port quickcam and White Pine CUSeeMee…)

  3. Yeah, I did Quickcam/CUSeeMe back when it was new and pioneering. Fun stuff. Earlier this year, I tried out SquidCam with some friends in the States and it was better in quality, but the fundamental idea hasn’t changed and I didn’t feel the rush like I did in 1994.

    Maybe Joshua Ellis missed that era, because I can’t say that the idea of video conferencing and streaming video is “incredible” any more. If we find a way to make it really compelling, then cool. Otherwise, it’s just watching Joi compute in bed. Been there, done that (well, not with Joi…)

  4. iSight, uSight, weallSight

    Well, after Joi Ito’s experience with Apple’s new iSight, I jumped on the bandwagon and got my own. Setting up a broadcast server was a piece of cake thanks to Jim O’Connell’s posting. As much as I’d like to…

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