So much going on

What a week…
If you know me, you probably know that I left Global Dining this week. I left on pretty good terms and with a lot of friends there. I’ve told them to just call if they need anything, since I was really the only Linux guy there and I’d hate to see them replace the Linux servers with Windows…
So anyway, I got a new position on Friday. I’m not sure how much I can say about it, since much of it seems clouded in secrecy, but I can say that I’ll be working with some really great people doing some intensely cool stuff. (Cool stuff for a geek like me, anyway. ) I’ll post more, of course, when I know that I can.
Tomorrow, Yuka and I are heading to France for a quick vacation before I start my new position. First we’ll be in Paris for a few days, then down to Nimes in the south for a bit, then back up to Paris to meet some friends. (Calendar.
I’m not sure how much email access I’ll have there, but hopefully, I can pop on and update my site here and there…
Hopefully I’ll be able to take lots of pictures – I even bought a new lens for the trip, a Nikkor AF-S 28-70 1:2.8. It’s a great lens, but big and heavy and everyone is warning me about the thieves who snatch cameras over there. We’ll see. Still, I’m a bit nervous as a google search on “Paris Thieves” turned up some real horror stories.

4 thoughts on “So much going on”

  1. Jim! I just logged on to your site today–I am half an hour away from Nimes! What a small world! I hope you’ll be able to read this before you leave for Tokyo. Call me at xxxxxxxxxx (I live in Uzes–look at a map). It would be great to see you and Yuka.

  2. Daphne – Sorry I missed your email – I didn’t have email access down in Nimes.
    See you when you get back to Tokyo!
    Enjoy Uzes – It’s beautiful down there.

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