Saudis on plane


My friend Masaki sent me this picture of his (among others) and it really made me think.
What was your initial reaction? I thought about how any of these people must feel when they travel internationally.

(Comments have been closed, since most of the people who have commented are making wrong assumptions about my motivation for posting the picture. Also, Ali, you can kiss my ass, you fucking moron.)

Something to play with later

Of interest probably only to bloggers – Just an online bookmark for myself…


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Yuichi Yokayama

By a really fortunate chain of events, I got to meet Yuichi Yokoyama, the illustrator, tonight.

My friend Laurent Bruel in Paris is doing the translatons for Yokoyama-san’s next publication – Yuka and I offered to bring the original artwork back with us to him, so tonight we finally got to return them.
He came by and we got takeout sushi and drank several bottles of wine and polished off the rest of my good whiskey. Very good night…
It’s an interesting feeling to sit in the presence of someone whose work you admire, but don’t yet understand.


I’m gonna party like it’s 1998…
Someone just said “Architect” and “Software Company” in the same article.
The economy must be recovering…

Joel on Software – Bionic Office

The walls between the offices and the workstations are made of high tech, translucent acrylic which glows softly and provides natural light to the interior without reducing privacy.

Power. Every desk has twenty, that’s right, twenty outlets. Four of them are colored orange and have uninterruptible power coming off of a UPS in the server closet, so you don’t need a UPS in every office.

What? No Foosball table?

Journalist claims proof of WMD lies | Journo claims proof of WMD lies (September 23, 2003)

After the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on September 11 that year, Pilger claimed Rice said the US “must move to take advantage of these new opportunities” to attack Iraq and claim control of its oil.

Pilger uncovered video footage of Powell in Cairo on February 24, 2001 saying, “He (Saddam Hussein) has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbours.”

Two months later, Rice reportedly said, “We are able to keep his arms from him. His military forces have not been rebuilt.”

Powell boasted this was because America’s policy of containment and its sanctions had effectively disarmed Saddam.

Update: See this for a bit of perspective on what this would have meant.

Shaolin Soccer a hit in the US, despite Miramax’s best efforts

Wired’s Katie Dean has a story about a movie called Shaolin Soccer, that’s been a real hit in the illegal movie downloading circles. The article has a gem of a quote:

“We were pleased to see that there is interest in the film (online),” the spokesman said. “At the same time, we work with the MPAA and our legal department to vigorously prosecute those who take our property and use (it) for their own purposes.”

Um, Miramax… Those are fans. The people who want to see this bit of intellectual property you have the rights to, in exchange for their money, if you would stop sitting on your thumbs. You can’t buy this kind of hype, don’t be idiots.

To compete against online bootlegging, perhaps consider adding some value to the product. When you buy a CD, you get the physical CD, the printed materials that accompany it and the potential for some return if you decide to sell the CD used. (As opposed to downloading the songs from the CD, where the quality is iffy and the tangible part is nonexistant. Try giving your girlfriend a homemade bootleg of a CD she wants and you’ll see what I mean.)

DVD’s follow this, but with a movie, what do you get? $10 popcorn?
In an age where digital copies of movies are leaking out of the studios and hitting the net before the movie hits the theaters, the incentive to download for some is strong – sure, the experience of watching on a 17 inch screen pales in comparison to a 10 meter screen, but here’s a case of people wanting to see the movie so badly that they’re will to break the law to do so. Miramax should pay attention.

He’s good with kids, too

Yuka and I met our friend Sachi yesterday in Ginza for some lunch and shopping with Ami-chan, Sachi’s six-month-old.
We started with lunch at the Muji Cafe near Yurakucho, which seemed to be quite filled with babies and parents. After lunch, I walked around with Ami as Yuka and Sachi talked. It was amazing how many women smiled at me – if I was single, I’d definitely borrow a baby now and then… ;-)
(Gallery of dozens of pictures of Ami-chan.) [Link fixed, click on first album…]