Bosai kunren

On my way in this morning, I saw a group of schoolkids out wearing their Bosai Zukin, which are designed to protect their heads from sparks, ashes and fire, in the event of an emergency like an earthquake or housefire.
The last time I saw one was at the Chiyoda Library Museum, where they had a display of wartime relics. Hirata-san from my office said that they are modelled on a samurai’s headgear.
Not sure why the kids were doing it today, if it is some kind of national safety day or something.

Blog Spam

We’ve been talking about blog spammers here at work – people or scripts who post merely so that their links climb up the rankings on sites like Daypop.
Those sites count the number of links on blogs to see where people are linking – unfortunately, people abuse this.

I’ve written a little script to first redirect these links, so that they don’t get counted on the popularity sites. Give it a try by commenting below, then clicking your own link.

Yes, people can still put in any link, the same as before. No filtering occurs – It just adds a step so that they can’t mooch inbound link karma from you…

Gaijin Problems?

From a placard on the train:
These Guys say they can help.

Not sure if they’re offering to help foreigners, or help you get rid of them…
It’s a debt-consolidation service. Maybe it’s to help you get foreign loansharks off your back?

Any Japanese speaker want to call and ask? They’re at: 03-5207-6130…