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We’ve been talking about blog spammers here at work – people or scripts who post merely so that their links climb up the rankings on sites like Daypop.
Those sites count the number of links on blogs to see where people are linking – unfortunately, people abuse this.

I’ve written a little script to first redirect these links, so that they don’t get counted on the popularity sites. Give it a try by commenting below, then clicking your own link.

Yes, people can still put in any link, the same as before. No filtering occurs – It just adds a step so that they can’t mooch inbound link karma from you…

12 thoughts on “Blog Spam”

  1. The best I can determine they are attempting to increase their pagerank, more than their daypop rating. Will this script affect that?


  2. Mike, thanks for showing me that I’m wasting my time making this website. Instead, from now on, I’ll cruise around people’s blogs and leave snotty comments – that will be much more creative. Yeah…

  3. I just spent several minutes deleting porn spam from my comments. The same guy has been attacking me for a couple weeks, it’s infuriating. I’ve got to decide which one of these strategies to try.

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