Yuka and I are up in Utsunomiya with Satoshi & Naho-chan having a lazy Monday holiday. I found an open wireless connection somewhere nearby, so I’ve been able to get my mail and blog fix.
Yesterday, we were up in Nikko looking at the changing leaves and hiking around. I think about half the population of Tokyo had also gone up, as the traffic was terrible.
Satoshi had his new Canon digital camera, I had my Nikon, Yuka had the Fuji and Naho had some kind of strange camera that used something called “film”. Needless to say, we took a *lot* of pictures.
We stopped at a restaurant that was in a very cool old building from the 1870’s that was originally the vacation home of a Meiji-era American trade representative. Very nice dinner.
At some point today, we’ll take the train back to Tokyo…

Just before we left on Saturday, I downgraded the ibook from a Panther preview, back to Jaguar. I was hoping that I could get away with doing it without erasing all the accounts and settings and such, which seemed to work, until I tried to log in and found my passwords all changed. I booted from the Jaguar disk to reset, but then I could only log in to console mode, so I did a full wipe and re-install. Oh, well, I had backed everything anyway, so I won’t lose much of anything, I think.