Turned Away at Border

I read a shocking story today at Joi’s site today.

Turned Away at Border

The love story of Trevor Hughes and his fiancee began in an elementary school in the Himalayan foothills.

They were “global nomads.” He was a diplomat’s son. She the daughter of missionaries. They lived in Asia, attended school together, fell in love and want to get married in June.

But when Hughes’ fiancee, a German national, tried to visit him on a six-month tourist visa Monday, she was detained in Atlanta, handcuffed, jailed–even stripped of her diamond engagement ring.

Then, after 20 hours without food, she was put on a plane and shipped back to Stuttgart.

Trevor and Beate’s site has lots of information, including ways you can help.
Pam Zubeck from the Colorado Springs Gazette has written an excellent piece on their ordeal.

If you weren’t aware or weren’t concerned about the erosion of rights in the post-terror-event world in which we live, hopefully this story will open your eyes a bit. We shouldn’t let this become standard operating procedure.