Weekend Report

Yesterday was one of those nice, slow rainy fall Saturdays that relieve you of the sense that you should be out doing something productive.

Yuka and I got up late, having been out with Laurent and Mie the night before. I got up first, as I usually do on weekends and made coffee and brought it on a tray to the bedroom, along with a new copy of Wired magazine and my iBook. I bought the Wired on Friday night after dinner since Joi had mentioned that he had an article about him in it…

The coffee was from the new Cafe du Monde that opened near my office. Now Cafe du Monde uses coffee with chicory, which I remember liking when I was there in New Orleans – the coffee was darker and oilier than what I’m used to, so I thought I better bring some sugar. I rarely ever use sugar at home, so I found a jar beneath the sink and then spooned a couple of half-teaspoons in. The sugar was all clumped together, so I had to scrape a bit.

Then I settled down with my magazine and eventually took a sip of the coffee. Hmmm. Not as good as I remember. Strange taste. (Starting to wonder what Yuka would think about this strange coffee that I had told her was so nice…) Better add a bit more sugar. (My half-awake brain was not working so well.) I scraped out some more sugar, a full teaspoon this time.

I took a healthy swig of the coffee and as the caffeine molecules reached my bloodstream, I realized that there might be a reason that the coffee was tasting so salty… Oh. Yes. That jar was not sugar… Yuka took pity on me and got me another cup, this time with a packet of real sugar…

After coffee, I wandered out to the iMac in the living room to play with that one instead. By the time Yuka wandered out, we were pretty well ready for some breakfast, but instead I popped in the movie “Tampopo”, which I had somehow managed to never see. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a Japanese movie about the quest for the perfect bowl of Ramen. We settled in to watch it together, getting hungrier and hungrier watching people eat bowl after bowl of ramen. Ramen in Japan has almost nothing to do with those square packages of instant noodles you can buy in the supermarket in the US – it’s more of an art form.
By the time the movie was over, we practically *ran* from the apartment down to Akasaka for a bowl at Oshima Ramen, which has a poster that says in English “Ramen is a gift from God”. Good stuff.
We stopped at the Cafe du Monde and had a cafe au lait and I had a couple biengets and then walked to the CD/DVD store at Akasaka Mitsuke station and the little “Asian Goods” shop where I got a new tablecloth and a silk scarf for Yuka.
Then it was back to the apartment for a couple more movies, The Recruit, a forgettable spy flick and School of Rock, which was kind of cute and fun.
Today is beautiful, though, so we’re going to head out to Omotesando for a bit of shopping. Quite a relaxing morning, though, hard to break away – Yuka’s on the sofa now, curled up with the book “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, Astrud Gilberto is on the stereo singing Corcovado and I’m here with you all, enjoying the act of typing, quite comfortable with a couple of big pillows on the floor of my living room…

Now, of course, this has been quite a bit of needless detail about my weekend, so one might wonder why I think you all might care. I really don’t. :-) A few of you might and that’s great, but I’ve been getting quite a few stupid comments on these little “nothing posts” from the blog haters lately who like to go around and tell people like me to “get a life”.
Now *that’s* something I don’t understand – if these people see weblogging as a pointless waste of time, what does it say about *them* as they crawl around the web leaving snotty comments?