Down at the coffee shop

I’m down in the coffee shop now, Yuka’s here, reading a book. I brought a wireless access point out to the balcony of my apartment and the signal seems to reach well enough, so I have internet.

I wish the coffee shop had its own wireless – I’d come here a lot more if they did. Daphne just stopped in to the shop – she was driving by and saw us sitting here. This town is getting smaller and smaller.

The washer finally decided to die, so the workmen and the landlady came by again this afternoon to check it out. Not a big deal, but it necessitated my cleaning out the laundry room of all the boxes, wires & computer equipment in there. Less of a hassle than I had anticipated, really. I stacked the servers on my desk and got everything back up and running in just a few minutes really.
The landlady gave me less of a hard time than I had guessed she would over all of the strange equipment and wires and blinking lights jammed in next to the washer. I explained that it was “for my work” and that seemed to satisfy her.

Since they’re all out, I’ll take the opportunity to do some work on the server, I guess – maybe cram in another hard disk and try to add a different video card – I have one that works with these strange proprietary flat panel displays I got. It would be more convenient than bringing in the flat panel from my desk every time I need to reboot.
This is a poster currently on the subway line I take – it’s a “manner poster”, which is of a series to remind people not to do things on the train to annoy other people. I really like the way this is drawn, reminds me a bit of something that Garth Williams might have done.
The caption at the top says “Ajiwattemasu, fukaikan”, or roughly “tasting your newspaper isn’t pleasant”. Maybe I can convince the station people to give me a copy.