Koishikawa shokubutsuen

Yuka and I went to Koishikawa shokubutsuen with Tod and Kristen today and took lots of pictures. The park was once an herbal botanical garden for a hospital, but now belongs to Tokyo University.
Kristen showed us her favorite trees, a pair of huge trees, the wood of which smelled like cinnamon and the leaves, like camphor.
Afterwards, we had a coffee at a kissaten called “Zou no ko” or “Baby Elephant”, which was a fitting coincidence, if you know how much Kristen and Tod like Elephants. From there, we went to Kagurazak by bike and I learned what a Nikon with a heavy lens sounds like when it falls from a backpack several feet to pavement. My camera gained a scuff to to the corner, but otherwise was unhurt. Nikon makes very durable cameras.
At kagurazaka, we had crepes and galettes and brut cidre… Oishikatta.
Yuka’s on the other computer now, busily editing a new movie from what she shot today, so it should be up here soon.