Japanese Teens Creating Own Language

Karen at Shambolic Jigsaw has a neat article on Japanese slang that I liked:

Japanese Teens Creating Own Language
%u6C17%u6301%u3061%u304C%u60AA%u3044 (unpleasant or disagreeable) becomes %u304D%u3082%u3044. (I’m having an encoding problem – just click the link…)

I’d heard “Kimoii” for “Kimochii Waruii” before, but the others are fun too.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    First time caller here.

    Publishing Japanese on Movable Type is a very minor problem; just don’t expect it to work with the iso-8859-1 charset. Unicode will do the trick. To switch to Unicode, simply open the MT config file (mt.cfg), then modify the PublishCharset line and uncomment the NoHTMLEntities line, like this:

    PublishCharset UTF-8


    NoHTMLEntities 1

    That’s all.

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