I need an editor

Between the blog spammers and the people who wander in from Google and post absolute crap, I’m getting more junk posts than real ones.

It’s tempting to just shut down the site, or to at least turn off comments.
For now, I’m closing comments on some older posts that are attracting morons. If you really want to comment on an old post, mail me and let me know – I’ll revive the topic.
(I’m also no longer allowing anonymous posts, but I doubt that will make a difference, since there is no way to verify what you they put in.)

Maybe what I’d like is the option of having registered users, I guess, or at least an email confirmation for unknown users. I don’t know – I’ve looked a lot at the blog spam issus and I haven’t yet seen anything that I’m confortable with or confident in. (Yes, I’ve heard of the popular anti-spam plugins. When I see one I like, I may actually plug it in…)

You may never have seen blog spam here, because hardly an hour goes by that I don’t weed out the crap – hopefully before the Googlebot sweeps by and indexes the site. You see, a good percentage of the spammers are advertising porn or adult services. If Google finds links to those kinds of sites, this site will get classified as an adult site and SafeSurf will hide my site from the bulk of its users. I run a pretty PG-rated site, so that’s really not what I want.

So yes, I guess it’s come down to this – if I don’t like your post, I’m going to delete it. If you think it’s unfair, write me – I’ll open up the topic to discussion.
(If you’re reading this, there is virtually no chance that I’ll ever delete a post of yours, though…)

It’s either that, or I pull the plug and go back to a one-way dialogue and I really think the site would suffer. (Or I quit doing this because it’s become un-fun.)

This all OK with you guys?

9 thoughts on “I need an editor”

  1. I downloaded and installed MT_Blacklist the day it was available. I did not had that many comments spams before installing it, but it is so easy to install that I don’t regret the time I spent on it.

    Spam is really a nightmare for me. I have been using a spam filter for my mail for the last 14 months. and it catch easily more than 80 spam mails a day.

  2. It’s your blog, you should feel free to handle comments as you wish. My comment spam has been increasing lately, too, and I haven’t yet installed a filter. It’s not so bad yet that I can’t weed them out by hand. The next version of MT is rumoured to address comment spam (by building in the blacklist plugin, I think) so maybe we won’t have to deal with this for too much longer.

    I hope that you don’t stop writing, though. I like reading your insights.

  3. Like Kristen I haven’t been hit with too much spam in my comments – except for the dreaded air stocking post I did, which I just closed the comments on.

    Most of the people who comment on my blog are people I know personally so it’s interesting to see their take on my topic.

    It can be disappointing though if you are just getting rubbish.

  4. I agree that you should feel free to handle comments as you wish. I am also using mt-blacklist and the latest version is very good. However if you want to require a site sign up for commenting without suffering on the functionality side (trackbacks and everything) PMachine would porbably be a good choice for you.

  5. I started my website in mid-May (thanks to Jim) with the Comment functionality removed–I was already afraid of nasty things. Then I put it back at the end of September and got hit by spam in October. I think I’ll take them all down again except for one (it will be easier to track just one comment page). What do you think, Jim? Of course, there goes the nice conversations with readers that go with the individual posts. Not that I have quite a bit of conversing going on on my site… (too philosophical for anybody’s good, I guess). :-)

  6. Why feel guilty about moderating comments? If some jerk is being a jerk, throw them out (that is, delete the comment). But it would be a shame to put an end to all comments, because that’s one of the things that makes blogs interesting. Personally, I’m much more likely to write a comment that an email, because an email seems a bit too intimate to someone whom I don’t really know–an “intimate stranger” as Mike Clarke at Hunkabutta termed it.

    Blogs have that friendly “around the lunch table discussion” feel–but it’s different than inviting someone over to your house. I had a stalker (old ex-boyfriend) posting comments to my sites recently and he’d go bonkers (and send me vituperative email) when I’d delete his comments. I don’t know what he thought I owed him, but at least he’s finally gotten the message.

    A shame to let the few ruin the experience for the many.

  7. Thanks for all of the comments – what a supportive group you all are.
    I was pretty frustrated when I wrote it. I had several times that day been forced to delete porn spams when I received a new message on an old post. It said, simply “This Sucks.”
    It sure does.

    What is it about blogs that attracts this particular style of moron? After all, they could always send anonymous postcards to people, call them on the phone late at night, or shout at strangers on the street. There are lots of ways to annoy people anonymously.

    I guess being an idiot on someone’s blog requires a minimum of effort, so I’ll venture that these people are not just stupid, but lazy as well.

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