More Airport Fun

Got an email from my friend Antonis, a Greek guy living in Japan. He has to travel to the United States frequently for business and this was from his latest trip. He’s agreed to let me repost it.

Has this become so common as to not be noteworthy?

Anyway, here is what happened to me, when checking-in at Seattle for a
flight to New York:
Somehow, whenever my destination is New York I get a special
check-treatment, even after taking off all the metal I possess and walking
through the metal detector without a “beep.” So, I did the stupid mistake to
ask a “security” guy why I have a body check, even though the metal detector
says I am clean. First he explained to me that if my boarding pass has an
SSSS mark on it, I have been randomly chosen for a special check. “You know
why we do this checks?”, he said. “To prevent us from attacking other
countries.” I didn’t reply anything to that, nor to his comments on my
laptop, but this didn’t stop him from going on. I couldn’t believe the
things I heard.
He said:
“These checks prevent us from attacking other countries. You know why? Cause
if somebody tries to do to us what they did before, we will attack their
country. So to prevent that we need these checks. But this time we won’t
just attack them, we’ll nuke them. Cause we are the only country with
experience with nukes. Ask the japanese, they know,” he said with a proud
smile. “Twice in two days!”
I thought this is a hidden camera joke. I don’t remember exactly why, but
the guy actually said “everything here is filmed, smile up there” and he
pointed the security camera over my head. Unfortunately it was just filmed,
sound was not recorded. Or maybe it was recorded, but nobody cares. After
all, who hired that guy as a security guy?

Anyway. Traveling to the states is not easy. You have to be very patient and
be ready for anything, anytime.

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  1. Some Random Moron wites:

    Here’s an idea. Quit your bitching. Deal with security LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the world and shut the fuck up. God people like you make me sick. If you have nothing to hide than this takes 45 seconds to a minute. Two tops. Oh no. Two minutes of your precious life. God forbid you actually show up on time. Dumb ass.

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