In an amazing and unprecedented development this morning, the new washer arrived!
OK, not so interesting. I was getting ready for work this morning when the workmen arrived to install the new washer, which replaced the last one which died. Still, it was kind of interesting – the “Sensei” (Teacher or Doctor) as the landlady referred to him arrived with an assistant. They came in and took off their shoes, laid out blankets and towels all over the work area and got to work.
Way more formal than I ever saw in the US.
Since it’s an American washer, all the labels and settings are in English, so the Sensei went over each one and explained to me that “Cold” means “Tsumetai” and “Hot” means “Atsui”. The instruction lasted a good five minutes and I felt like there might be a quiz at the end, so I tried to pay good attention…
Adriaan was online at the time and advised me that I should offer coffee, but that they would probably refuse. Still, I should offer. I did and sure enough, they didn’t…

The landlady, Mrs. Ono, stopped down as well and after giving me a short lecture on the evils of dust between the louvers of the closet door, got curious about how I am able to work from home. I showed her the chat I had online with Adriaan and the several terminal windows I had open, but I doubt she really understood any of it. Pity no one had their iChat camera going – that would have been easier to explain.

I like working at home like that sometimes – I wind up working a lot earlier, but since I don’t have to shower or shave, it’s less of a pain.

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  1. No showering, no shaving and if iChat’s on, no reason to get dressed either. Which is especially convenient when the washer’s just been replaced and there’s a stack of laundry waiting. :-)

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