For only $99,000,000 on eBay

eBay item 2568084521 (Ends Nov-04-03 20:52:56 PST) – Pulsed Plasma Mobile Hydrogen Generator

What do you get when a particle accelerator is coupled with electric motor technology?

Something that doesn’t exactly behave like either stand-alone technology.

This is part of what you get!

The Highest Efficiency Plasma Generation system “known to man.”
1 – Produces a plasma skin temperature of over 11,000 degrees F
2 – Production of High Energy Plasma for Industrial Processing
3 – Cracks pure hydrogen effortlessly from petroleum products
4 – Neutralizes toxic Waste
5 – Sanitizes anything that touches it
6 – Produces multiple high energy artifacts
7 – Possible Zero Point Energy Radiation from Plasma
8 – Primary target use for this High Energy Plasma is Fusion
9 – Unlimited Plasma/Chemical reactions are possible with this system

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