Text Chat Snooping

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This is a kind of obscure thing, so a little background:

Often, to type Japanese characters into a computer or cellphone, you type the word in phonetic characters, either the the “Romaji” (Not “romaNji”, by the way…) or the Hiragana and then use another key to select the proper Chinese character-based word.

Since this can be a bit slow, different systems use shortcuts for entering words quickly, kind of a speed-dial for text entry.

Apparently, one suspicious housewife went through her husband’s phone and was able to get a sense of what kinds of text he was tapping into his phone, even if he had deleted the messages themselves.

Yuki from Pineapplemonade has some fun with this and shows what her own texting reveals…

pineapplemonade: Mojihenkan

The woman thought her husband was cheating on her, so she looked into his cell phone. I don’t know how it works in English phones, but in Japanese cell phones, if you write a word and then push a convert button, it shows up the words you wrote in cache memory. She went through all of the words alas, and came up with horribly perverted words.

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