Keep Shooting

I was really in a funk last night. After I posted yesterday, I went down to Shibuya with Ben to our weekly photo geek beer meeting, had a few beers, but left when it got too crowded and noisy. I was in a pretty foul mood—I didn’t want to sit and talk about cameras and lenses. I didn’t really want to be sitting and stewing, so I excused myself and went to shoot a bit on Centergai, the street that runs from Shibuya station, up towards where we meet each week. Centergai is always filled with people, as you near midnight, it’s Shibuya’s jugular vein, with mobs of people draining from the clubs and cafés down to the station.

I walked the street for a while, looking for some inspiration. I didn’t feel like shooting random strangers, street-style. As I walked around, I spotted a young guy working a corner, selling his CDs and passing out flyers. He had a good look, so I approached him and asked if he would mind me shooting him for a while. He reluctantly agreed, so I told him to basically ignore me while I shot, though we did do a few that were more portrait-like.

He goes by the name YENYEN and has a website for his music business at

I got the sense he’ll do well—he’s motivated and energetic and really put his heart into working the corner to promote his business, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

YenYen.Info-2.jpg YenYen.Info-5.jpg YenYen.Info-6.jpg YenYen.Info-7.jpg YenYen.Info-4.jpg YenYen.Info.jpg