Cash For Hot Tubs (New Client)

Just did a nice quick site today:

Cash for Hot Tubs!

Ready to trade up that old tub?
Tired of that old tub cluttering up your yard? Why not turn it into a nice little pile of cash, just in time for Christmas?
Use the form below to get in touch and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

[From Cash For Hot Tubs!!]

Really a very simple site, but the client needed it up and running with a custom feedback form for a print ad campaign by tomorrow.

Surprisingly, we had a real customer use the form within minutes of going live, too!

Bellevue Cottage

Say hello to Bellevue Cottage. Bellevue Cottage is a beautiful mountaintop bed and breakfast not far from Williamsport, with absolutely spectacular views. Barb and I went up there last weekend to shoot some photos and get a start on the website for the cottage. Anna Alford is the owner and heart behind the place. She grew up on the mountain and her love of the place is obvious—it’s a beautiful hundred-year-old building that has been lovingly cared for.

We were lucky to come on a day as spectacular as we did. One thing I really missed when I was living in Japan was the amazing Fall foliage that we get here in the Northeast. Sure, you can go to Nikko and see leaves, but I never saw anything that could compare with the colors of Pennsylvania.

Go take a look around Anna’s new site.

Welcome to Bellevue Cottage

After several years of planning and work Bellevue Cottage is finally ready for you to come and visit. Watch this site for news about upcoming events. I look forward to welcoming you to my home soon. In the meantime you can come for a virtual visit via this web site. Anna Alford

[From Bellevue Mountaintop Cottage]