Surly Bastard

I suppose some of you know this already, but I’ve been secretly updating a new site, Surly Bastard.

It’s a different sort of site than this one has been over the years, more like a “Tumblr Blog” or “tumblog” or whatever they call those things, where you don’t actually write very much, just slap on pictures and links and pithy quotes or whatever.  Most of what I post is stuff I’m working on, pictures and whatnot, or links to “shit I like”.

Here’s something I posted the other day, a painting I whipped up for the February “First Friday” event here at the Pajama Factory:

I’m pretty happy with how it came out, especially because it’s my first attempt at painting.  It’s four feet by eight feet. On plywood.  People seemed to like it well enough.

Oh, if you read blogs though a feed reader, here’s the feed link for Surly Bastard.

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