BATHVS, as you probably know, is my girlfriend Shana’s business.  She makes soaps, shampoo bars, bubble bars, lotions, and other products.

Recently, she just launched her website, from which you can purchase her products.  Aside from the initial website, she’s done everything herself and, I must say, it looks gorgeous.

BΛTHVS, pronounced Bath-us, believes in using high quality ingredients for the best results in skin and hair care products. We are conscious of our ingredients and where they come from, straying away from animal testing. All ingredients are cruelty free and vegetarian. We support charitable causes throughout the year, from helping animal non-profits, to donating a part of each batch of soap to an organization called “Clean the World”, which gives the soap to impoverished countries, and educates them on personal hygiene to avoid illness. We want to make a positive difference, while also providing pleasure to all of your senses in the form of fine scents, relaxing baths, and soft, manageable hair.

Everything in our shop is handmade in small batches in our studio space at the historic Pajama Factory, from our cold process soaps, to our very popular environmentally friendly hair care products.  Our soaps are cured on our handmade wall racks for at least 4 weeks until they are ready to hit the sales floor.  The long cure ensures that all of the water put in during the soap making process can evaporate out, creating a hard, longer lasting, and mild bar.  We always have something new and interesting coming off of our soap racks to offer to our customers, so I recommend keeping an eye out on our Facebook page, as well as our Blog.