Portland, Maine Show

PortArtsEventsHoliday.jpgIf you’re going to be around Portland, Maine, in November or December, be sure to drop in to Ed Pollack’s gallery “A FINE THING” to see some of my photos, along with some of his other friends in his “Friends of ED” show.

Ed’s putting together a show of the work of his friends and I was quite touched that he asked me. I’ve known Ed for more than fifteen years and when I lived in Boston, my favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon was at Ed’s with a bottle of wine, going through the books and prints that he’d discovered that week. He’s not only a great source of knowledge on the art and artists he likes, he’s also got incredibly good taste.

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it to the show, so if you do stop by, let me know you did.